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Friday, October 18, 2013

Where to Sell Your iPad or iPad Mini For the Most Money

Next Tuesday Apple is hosting its annual iPad-palooza where it will surely show us iPads big and small. But before the big event, you might want to get rid of your old 'pad to recoup some cash. So where to sell your tablet for the most moolah?
To simplify things, we searched for the 16GB iPad 4 with Wi-Fi and the 16GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi. Here's what we found.

eBayHow much (iPad): $200 - $500
How much (iPad mini): $140 - $360
How to do it: For a while, eBay had an instant sell trade-in program, but it's done away with that. So if you go with eBay, you're going to have to do most of the legwork—meaning you name your starting price, and pray to the auction gods that bidders will fight over your used iPad and give you a good price.
We're seeing fourth-gen iPads listed on eBay for $200 to as much as $500. So you have the potential to get a lot of dinero, but there is absolutely no guarantee of how much your gadget will garner. Especially if you wait much longer, because new iPad day is creeping up quickly.

How much (iPad): 
$180 - $550
How much (iPad mini): $175 - $300
How to do it: Craigslist is not for the faint of heart. But if you're cool with dealing with spam emails, finding the buyer, and the risk of maybe being murdered hanging in the background, this is where you could potentially get the most cash back.
On New York Craigslist, we're seeing 16GB iPad 4's with Wi-Fi listed everywhere from $180 - $550. You're probably not going to get more than $500, but it's worth a shot. And if you're going with Craigslist, go ahead and list now. Because the site is just going to be flooded with more and more people trying to get rid of their old iPads between now and Tuesday.
It's always worth pointing out that if you find someone to sell something to on Craigslist, you should plan to meet in a public place. We recommend a bank lobby.

AmazonHow much (iPad): $137 - $178
How much (iPad mini): $143 - $190
How to do it: 
You've got two options with Amazon. If you're lazy and you just want to get your iPad off your hands, the best route is the first. Answer a few questions about what condition your tablet is in, say whether you have accessories, say the carrier and capacity, and Amazon will give you a flat rate gift card for a price it quotes. An iPad that's "like new" is earning up to $237 at the moment, while one that's just "acceptable" will get you closer to $178. Amazon is also offering a price lock through October 31, so you can hold onto your tablet until you get a new one in hand.
Option two is setting up shop as an individual seller . Answer a few questions about your device, then set your own price. Post your listing, and Amazon will email you when your iPad has been sold. Once you've shipped off your iPad, Amazon will put your money in your count in 14-21 days. But we don't really recommend going this route. First of all, we're not really seeing many iPads listed here, and also, there's no guarantee your device will actually sell.

iCracked How much (iPad): $80 - $250
How much (iPad mini): $50 - $150 
How to do it: 
iCracked will fix your iPad screen if you smash it, and it will buy back your broken iPads, too. Enter your zipcode to find an iCracked technician in your area, so you can hand off your tablet in person. Or mail it to iCracked, and they'll PayPal you the amount. This is a good option, because you can at least get some money if your iPad is completely nonfunctional.

How much (iPad): 
$68 - $225
How much (iPad mini): $46 - $175
How to do it: 
Want money now? Sell your iPad with Walmart, and you'll have your cash today. This process is basically the same as Best Buy's—appraise the condition of your iPad, mail it in, and Walmart will PayPal you today. Even an iPad that doesn't work will get you about $60 or so.

RadioshackHow much (iPad): $45 - $180
How much (iPad mini): $41 - $175
How to do it: 
This is easy as pie to do. Radioshack accepts both in store and online trade ins. Answer a couple of questions about the condition your tablet is in, and Radioshack will give you an appraisal. A totally borked iPad will still earn you some cash, while one in good condition gets up to $180. Once you have your estimate, you can either get a shipping label or use the store locator to find a store near you.

Gazelle NextWorth BuyMyTronics GlydeHow much (iPad): $0 - $338
How much (iPad mini): $0 - $223
How to do it: If you are lazy and you want to avoid as much bull as possible, these sites are made for you. Answer the normal questions about to condition of your iPad and if you have accessories, and you'll get a quote. In most cases, these sites will give you a price lock until the end of the month. So even if the price goes down tomorrow, you'll get the price they offered you until the end of the month when you actually send off your tablet.
A few things to point out: One, Glyde is offering the most ($338) for a pristine iPad 4. It's also offering the most ($223) for a perfect iPad mini. And NextWorth will give you no money for a broken device of any model, but the other three will still pony up around $60 to $70 or so if your iPad's busted.

Best BuyHow much (iPad): $0 - $240
How much (iPad mini): $0 - $175
How to do it: 
Best Buy's system is pretty straightforward. Prefer the smooth finesse of a Best Buy salesperson? Go with the in-store trade-in program. Rather not interact with a mob of humans in blue polos? Go with the online program. Either way, Best Buy will ask after the quality of your device, and give you a Best Buy gift card for the amount. A 16GB iPad in good condition will get you up to $240, one in fair condition will earn $168, and one in poor condition will get you $108. A 16GB mini that's like new will rake in $175, one in fair will earn $122, and one in poor will grab $78.
But if your iPad is totally busted, Best Buy will award you no gift card and may God have mercy on your soul. Retailers like Radioshack and Walmart will at least give you some money for a broken iPad, so if yours is borked, bark up one of those trees instead.

How much (iPad): 
$0 - $231
How much (iPad mini): $0 - $136
How to do it: Apple's trade-in routine is both in physical stores now. You know the drill—say what condition your device is in, whether you have accessories and if you've removed all the content. Mint condition? You'll get around $230 in the form of an Apple gift card for a fourth-gen 16GB iPad or $136 for a 16GB iPad mini in tip-top shape. But that's if and only if it's in an almost perfect state.

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