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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

AppAdvice Daily: Move Over Spotify, Beats Music Is Here

It’s Monday, which means you have an entire work week ahead, but don’t stress out, we have two new apps for you today. One will help strengthen your brain through trivia, and the other will massage your mind by giving you access to your favorite music.
That’s right, on today’s show we have the hottest new apps of the week as picked by the entire staff here at AppAdvice. First up, we’ll be checking out Game Trivia, a super fun way to increase brain power for the gamer in all of us. Then, Beats Music wins the title as our App of the Week, with its new take on bringing your favorite music to your iOS device. Watch the show to see why Beats Music is giving Rdio and Spotify a run for their money.
We have all of this on today’s AppAdvice Daily.

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