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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bad behavior, not malware, puts more of your corporate data at risk

Although viruses and other malware apps still plague businesses, it is the poor habits of a company's employees that cause the most problems for corporate security staff. We all know that employees do dumb things and will continue to do so, no matter what we, as IT, try to do about it. There's no amount of lockdown that can prevent stupid*. A combination of training and strict policy are the only hopes for preventing chaos.
A recent report released by Globascape "reveals that employees rely on unsecured, consumer-grade tools to send sensitive corporate documents".
The survey consisted of responses from more than 500 professionals and yielded some interesting and disturbing results:
  • 63% of employees use remote storage devices to transfer confidential work files
  • 45% of employees use consumer sites like DropBox and
  • 30% of employees use cloud storage services
  • >60% of employees use personal email to transfer work info
  • Nearly 75% think IT approves of this behavior
Almost one-third of the employees who use their personal email to transfer work information, know that their email accounts have been hacked.
 | ZDNet

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