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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Google smart-watch could debut at I/O this June, might have plastic band and color LCD display

According to insiders at Mountain View,
Google will showcase its smart-watch at its I/O event this June. This
is the expo which the company hosts to announce its latest hardware and
software developments, and connect with the tech community. Although an earlier
release was considered, the watch team "believes" the
premiere will be pushed to June. It seems the device needs more time
for polishing before it's market-ready.

The Google smart-watch could debut at I/O this June, might have plastic band and color LCD displayReportedly, LG will be producing the
rumored device. It is said to have a plastic band and a full-color LCD
display that "looks like a cheap smartphone". This
statement is open to interpretation, but we naturally associate it
with a low pixel density and unspectacular viewing angles.

The watch runs Android and pairs with
Android smartphones. Nothing is mentioned about iOS, WP8, or other
mobile platform support. The device shows notifications and Google
Now alerts, but so far, it's not allowed to run 3rd-party apps. This
sure sounds surprising, considering Google's efforts to foster a
developer community long before launching Glass - a considerably
riskier product – to the mass-market. However, developers should be
able to code for the smart-watch following future updates, or after
root-ing their way to freedom. It would be very non-Google to lock
the device down.

There is no concrete term for release
currently, but at this point, the smart-watch's existence is a
"public secret". Allegedly, working prototypes are being
tested under high confidentiality in a "Google building",
and are unable to be taken outside at all. One of the early
prototypes had a metal band, square face, and displayed an animated
background which blended gradient colors. We are also told that
designers from the Android team have been working on the smart-watch
as well.

All of this information is sourced
straight from the rumor mill, so better keep an open mind in the
months until June. Also, just to clarify, the thumbnail picture is a designer concept.

source: TechCrunch
, @evleaks via Pocket-Lint

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