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Monday, March 03, 2014

Galaxy S5 version with 5.2" screen and Exynos appears in benchmarks, still rocks it 1080p

Galaxy S5 version with 5.2If you think the rumored Galaxy S5 versions are getting confusing, you are not alone. After an alleged S5 version with 5.2" Quad HD display and the new Exynos 5420 leaked out on AnTuTu benchmarks, now another one has appeared, and with a different spec sheet.

The latest benchmark warrior, dubbed SM-G900H, features a "merely" 1080p 5.2" display, and doesn't seem to run the new Exynos 5422 processor that Samsung announced at the MWC. Now, Samsung has been releasing Galaxy S flagships with different processors from the dawn of its Android portfolio, mostly announcing Snapdragon-equipped gear for the US carriers, and Exynos-based international GSM versions, so that might be the case here still.

What about Samsung's speculated "luxury" F-series, though, timed to appear after the HTC M8/All New One announcement? On last count, there an eventualGalaxy S5 Prime, or whatever it gets named, is supposed to feature a 5.25" Quad HD panel, instead of the 5.1" 1080p one of the Galaxy S5 that was announced at the MWC.

Samsung is apparently toying around with many different variations of its 2014 flagship, as usual, so we wouldn't put much thought into it, until more tangible leaks around the mythical "luxury" series of metal-clad handsets from Samsungappears. The latest rumors peg its announcement for the end of April - beginning of May, so hopefully more water will be poured in the rumor mil until then.

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