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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

AirDroid lets you control your smartphone from your computer with zero hassle

AirDroid lets you control your smartphone from your computer with zero hassle
Developer: Sand StudioDownload: Android
Genre: ToolsPrice: Free (with optional subscription)
is rich! That's all we want to say, but it will take a bit more than
that to convince you to try it. What is AirDroid? It's a web-based
platform to manage your smartphone through a desktop computer. It's the
ultimate desktop app for any phone and a serious kick in the teeth to
the bloated device management programs most devices come with. To their
credit, they do have to deal with drivers and updates, but their
usability universally sucks. We cannot say the same for AirDroid - it's
extremely easy to use, because it doesn't offer any confusing or
experimental features. It doesn't nag from the task-bar, take 30 seconds
to load, or strain your eyes and patience. It does all its business in
your browser of choice.

So here's how the whole thing goes. After installation, AirDroid asks
you to register with an e-mail and password. You will also have to deal
with setting some permissions for notifications and location usage,
which is nothing painful to write about. When that's set up, you must
open a website on your desktop and choose one of two login options -
enter your credentials (boring!), or scan a QR code with your phone
(awesome!). Once you're in, you can start looking at what AirDroid can
do. In short - a lot!

On the upper side, you have a searchbar for
apps, multiple desktop selector, a message editor, call maker,
notifications shortcut, and settings for AirDroid. There isn't much to
see here, so let's move to the row of icons to the left. Well, most of
them are self-explanatory, and each one works exactly as expected. It's
like getting a Windows-like interface for your smartphone's most common
functions, and frankly, it's awesome! You have the ability to download
and upload files and apps over Wi-Fi like your phone was connected
through an USB cable, only everything is effortlessly going to the exact
right folders.

To the right is where notifications from your
phone pop up below the widget, which contains data about your phone's
storage, and shortcuts to upload files and open URL's, a clipboard
manager, and a drag&drop APK installer. Glorious!

If you
enjoy AirDroid, you can use it for free, or subscribe for $19.99 an
year. Subscribing will net you eight additional pieces of functionality,
such as up to 1GB of data transfer between AirDroid and your phone a
month (the free version is limited to 100MB), transfer files of up to
100MB, connect up to 6 devices to one account, remote camera, remote
dial, and faster user support. Not too shabby!

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