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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Saga's Brightly turns your iPhone into a personal UV monitor

BY Bryan M. Wolfe on  brightly health and fitness saga

Brightly is a new personal UV monitoring tool from the folks behind “lifelogging” app, Saga. The free app uses Saga’s sensor technology to know when you’re outside, even when your phone is in your pocket. As a result, the app helps protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.
With Brightly, your iPhone can track your exposure based on the UV index at your location. By detecting when you are outdoors, Brightly is also able to track your UV exposure over time and give you a “report card” for sun smarts.
The app also promotes healthy skin by calculating your risk level based on your skin type. You will receive timely alerts and information about the best ways to protect your skin. You can also use Brightly to help you establish healthy habits and earn awards.
Full features include:
  • FUV monitor reminds you when to seek shade
  • Personal profile tool teaches you about your skin type
  • Intelligent indoor & outdoor UV detection
  • Visualizations show UV exposure over the past week, month, and year
  • Achievements award for sun-smart activities and help build healthy habits
  • Dermatologist-approved education about UV exposure, health, and sun safety
Brightly looks very interesting and definitely an app worth checking out. It isavailable now on the App Store.-- AppAdvice

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