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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BEM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Mojo review

 Let’s face it. Most of us are not technologically inclined. I have a hard
time even putting the simplest of things together, but the BEM wireless Bluetooth Speaker Mojo
was quite easy to use. The instructions are straightforward, and it is
just a matter of switching on the Bluetooth signal on your mobile device
to get it to connect. It is relatively lightweight and compact making
it easy to carry to conferences or even on personal or business trips.
The speaker, smaller than the size of a baseball, connects via
Bluetooth signal to your device freeing your countertop or desk from
BEM Bluetooth speakerwires and messy cords. Surprisingly, the speaker can be as far as 40
feet away from your mobile device. Part of the reason this device also
interested me is that it can be used for numerous business functions
including conference calls thanks to a clear microphone.

With a fast-charging battery on its own base, it will last for eight
hours. It also has a USB cord that can be used for charging or
connecting the speaker to a laptop computer. The volume is quite
powerful for such a small device. Its rubbery surface means that it does
not slide off a table easily. For those that want to walk or move around the house while using it, the speaker is able to keep up well
with the Bluetooth signal.

Don’t expect the speaker to power your next cocktail party if you are looking for booming sound. But for a single room or to entertain a small group, it works well. The only difficult thing was figuring out
whether it was switched on or not as there is no power light. For a way around it, just keep it charging for a period of time before you need to use it. An easy volume switch is placed on one side of the speaker.

Various colors help pair it well with the style-conscious. It is available on the BEM Wireless website for under $80 or on Amazon for slightly less.

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