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Friday, August 22, 2014

Tego Audio Cera Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

Traveling with a portable speaker is a benefit that few business travelers take
advantage of in their journeys. It comes with clear benefits for those
giving presentations or exhibiting at trade shows. But, for me, it
provided an alternative offering to listen to music freely in my room or
conduct conference calls or training sessions remotely.
The muffled sounds that traditionally come with standard speakers can
Tego-Audio-Cera-Squarepoke holes in professional presentations, and I found the chance to
test out the Tego Audio Cera Wireless model
to be a good opportunity to seek an alternative. I hit the jackpot as
sound clarity was clear and crisp with this new speaker, which was
exactly what I was looking for.

It comes in a variety of colors, which allows business travelers to
customize it to their presentation theme or exhibition backdrop. It has a
powerful wireless speaker with 3.0 Bluetooth capability for the fastest
sound quality. When connecting via the exhibition center’s wifi, I
never had a problem getting a signal, but this could vary based upon
local signal strength.

The device also allows you to stream audio from your
Bluetooth-enabled device from close proximity. For those that choose to
use it at an evening party or business presentation with dim lighting,
there is an illuminated touch control panel and a surround-sound chamber
illuminated with blue lighting.

There are few high-quality, presentation-quality speakers that are
affordably, and this one surely fits the bill. My keenest interest was
to use this for business presentations, and it succeeded magnificently.
It even works for overseas calls when using Skype, which is not always
known for the clearest of calls.

The best part of this speaker is its low price point of under $90. It is available from Tego Audio’s website or on Amazon.
For those negotiating their own budget, this can provide a large
savings instead of paying for an expensive teleconferencing system, and
the convenience of carrying it in your own pocket is unbeatable.

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