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Sunday, August 24, 2014

TouchPico: Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Screen

A tiny handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant 80" interactive touchscreen.

TouchPico is even fully compatible with your Apple MacBook or PC laptops.

is a tiny handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant
touchscreen. It is an interactive Android PC with projected touch
interface and wireless streaming t at allows you to:

TouchPico is unique because it provides users with many versatile options.

It's for children, parents, teachers, dancers, businessmen, yoga enthusiasts, gamers—you name it.

TouchPico is magic...well, not really. It is pretty high-tech. 
Our infrared detection technology tracks the stylus and allows you
to control and interact with the image that is projected on any surface
at 40 frames per second.

stylus has a tiny infrared emitter. Its signal is captured by the
TouchPico's tiny built-in infrared camera and processed by an image
processor to convert it into touch screen coordinates.

TouchPico is a portable, handheld gadget for those on the go. It's
slightly heavier than a Samsung S4 phone and just about the same size.

Easily fits in your pocket or your briefcase.

We’re happy to introduce a special pledge for developers that allows
them to receive a TouchPico immediately, start development and secure
app installation on all TouchPico devices ordered in 2014.

Developers won't have to learn any new technologies; simply pledge
for TouchPico Developers, and we’ll coordinate logistics offline

One of our goals is to make the whiteboard experience widely accessible for every teacher in the world.

We are working hard on TouchPico Pro - a fully integrated Android
interactive projector with 400 lumen brightness (good enough to fit a
classroom) and Content Management System. ADD $10 to donate one this

We’ve received interest from distributors all around the world.

To make TouchPico available to everyone as soon as possible, we’re
giving special offers to early distributors. Pledge for the TouchPico
Distributors Program and you’ll get your evaluation sample and secure
exclusive lead-time of 9 months for your country (excluding USA, China
and Singapore)

 | Indiegogo

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