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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

iPhone 6 unveiling date to be September 9

The much anticipated official introduction of the next generation iPhone is bound to take place on Tuesday, September 9, according to some new information revealed today.
Previously, we were working with the assumption that the grand unveiling would come sometime in mid-September, based on a rumor from last month.
At its big gathering on September 9, Apple is widely expected to announce the incredibly oft-leaked iPhone 6. That said, it's still unclear whether we'll see both sizes of the smartphone getting unveiled then. Some recent mumblings have suggested that Apple could choose to make the bigger, 5.5-inch model official at a later point before the end of the year.
The latest iPhone-related rumor claims that the phablet version of the devicewill get a beefier processor than the smaller, 4.7-inch handset. In any case, both SKUs should feature the Apple A8 chipset, higher-res screens, as well as other small hardware improvements. The jury's still out on whether the much talked about sapphire display will be found in both smartphones, or just one of them.
For what it's worth, Apple has declined to comment on this new report.

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