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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Five new features coming to BlackBerry 10.3.1 (Video)

The BlackBerry Passport and the Porsche Design P'9983
are the first two BlackBerry models to come with BlackBerry 10.3
installed (which includes BlackBerry Assistant). Already, BlackBerry
10.3.1 is in the works. A video has been posted on YouTube, revealing
five interesting new features for the OS build.

Five new features coming to BlackBerry 10.3.1 (Video)The first feature
on the video is Reverse Contrast. Instead of black on white, the screen
shows white on black. Other colors show up as purple and orange. We
can't say that this looks to be useful, but it is a way to customize
your phone and make things seem fresh and new. With BlackBerry 10.3.1,
users will be able to block contacts, and hide pictures and video. If
you have some embarrassing photos of yourself that you might have
snapped, this feature will allow you to keep them under wraps in case
you lend someone your phone for a quick call. It also will prevent
someone hanging around you from seeing something that you don't want
them to see.

With Battery Saving Mode, you can preset when
certain changes kick in to save the battery life on your phone. With
this Mode in action, the screen brightness is lowered and notifications
do not turn on the screen. You can decide to lower the maximum CPU
performance, turn off data services and turn off "advanced
interactions". And the last new feature on the video is Custom
Notifications. With this feature, you can decide the ringtone that plays
when you have a call, the color of the LED notification that
accompanies various events, whether to show notifications on the lock
screen, and more.

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