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Sunday, December 07, 2014

BlackBerry’s John Chen says deals with Chinese companies are not likely due to security issues

BlackBerry’s John Chen says deals with Chinese companies are not likely due to security issuesOver the past several months, there has been some
speculation about BlackBerry and the possibility of being acquired, most
recently by Lenovo.

Those rumors were washed away fairly quickly, but they did not die completely
Deal or not, BlackBerry would be remiss for not at least exploring the
idea of making inroads with the world’s largest wireless market. The
impediment to such deals is actually BlackBerry’s strength, and that is

Despite BlackBerry’s turbulent past few years, its
enterprise services and products are still very popular in western
governments, the same governments that would have to give a regulatory
green light to any possible deal involving the sale of BlackBerry,
regardless of where the buyer is based.  Many of those government share a
lot of intelligence data too, and the United States, along with a few allies have been more than vocal about the Chinese government's role in "private" companies and gathering information on the sly.

talk of a possible deal, “We probably are unable to do that…I think
there will be a lot of regulatory issues and concerns,” according to
BlackBerry CEO John Chen who happens to be a native of Hong Kong.
However, he did meet with Lenovo and Xiaomi over the summer, which fed
some of the rumors of a deal.

As it is at this point, BlackBerry
is not entertaining any offers for acquisition. The company is doing a
bit better than it was a year ago, and conceivably could command a price
tag well north of its market capitalization of $5.6 billion.

source: Bloomberg

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