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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Check out these new photos of the Black and Gold BlackBerry Passport

It was just a few days ago when
we told you about the 50 limited edition units of the Black and Gold BlackBerry Passport.
We pointed out that the phone employed a gold-colored stainless steel
engraved with the words "Limited Edition." The Valextra rear cover is
made of soft calf leather, and the overall result is a gorgeous looking

Those who ordered the Black and Gold Passport have
started to receive them. One decided to take some pictures of
BlackBerry's flagship business phone, done up in the colors of the
Stanley Cup champion L.A. Kings. 

The actual model photographed
is number 30. Besides the "Limited Edition" engraving, each of the 50
units is engraved with a number. The entire run of 50 phones, offered
globally for $899.99, were manufactured in Canada.

Pictures of the limited edition Black and Gold BlackBerry Passport

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