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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yurbuds Inspire 300 Earbuds Will Stay Put

JBL Yurbuds
Want some earbuds that meet the trifecta of sounding great, staying in place, and delivering good value? These $40 list price Yurbuds pull it off well.
Real audiophiles can geek out over dynamic range, impedance, and
driver size, but ask most people on the move what their biggest gripe
about their earbuds is and it’s got something to do with function. At
the top of that list are earbuds that won’t stay in their ears.

I’ve tried a whole slew of earbuds over the years, from cheapie ones
that came with the music player to high-end noise-canceling ones that
cost three figures. Only a few have passed the test of sounding good and
also staying in my ears when I’m doing something that requires lots of

The Yurbuds Inspire 300 ones don’t go over your ear in order to stay
in, or use a “wings” design. They have fat buds instead that fill your
ear canal opening and stay in place, even when you’re sweating. It was
an odd feeling to take these out of the box, put them in my ears, and
have them stay in place until I was ready to remove them. I even went
for a jog, tried an elliptical machine, and shook my head like a wet
dog. No movement. I can wear these soft buds for a long time too with no
discomfort. This marketing claim held up: “Made with medical-grade,
flexible silicone, they are ultra soft and comfortable for hours on

When you take these off, you can make sure you don’t lose them too.
The two earbuds have magnets on them, so you can stick them together
behind your neck or around it like a necklace. This has been great to
just click them together when going into a store or bank, then pop them
back in afterwards.

Yurbuds Inspire
part that plugs into your phone or music player angles off to the side
instead of coming straight out, which has also been handy. Then on the
cord—which is designed to not tangle easily—there’s a microphone you can
use for a phone or for an iPod Touch to make a Skype call. It also
functions as a pause button to kill the sound if you need to talk to
someone and don’t want to dig for your audio device.
I honestly didn’t expect a whole lot in the sound department from a
$40 pair of earbuds, but these are a match for anything else I’ve tried
that goes in the ear instead of over it. They come with 15mm
drivers—bigger than a lot of buds—and the tech specs are on par with
most other quality competitors. I’m guessing the larger size of these
helps them fill out the wide audio range. The amount of bass you’ll get
out of them probably depends on your expectations: when I’ve got rap or
reggaeton cranking, it’s more than enough. But if you’re used to
exaggerated bass like you get from Beats by Dre headphones, you might
need to tweak your player settings.

Yurbuds is a JBL company, so you’ve got plenty of tech history behind
them. The Inspire 300 ones come in black or red and the package
includes a nylon zip pouch and two earbud sizes. Get more info at the website and buy them there, from Amazon, or at REI.

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