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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do you own a tablet?

Do you own a tablet?It was just leaked that Samsung is about to unleash the world's thinnest tablets on us, the 5.4" Galaxy Tab S 2, with 8"and 9.7" models, respectively, taking the crown from the aluminum iPad Air 2. Tablets are getting ever thinner, faster and more premium, but their market share is actually shrinking.

a few years of uninterrupted expansion, due mainly to Apple's iPad
line, the unprecedented growth stalled, the iPad share started to equate
with the Android and Windows tablet rise, and on the whole the initial
excitement subsided quite a bit. 

Of course, a
lot of this has to do with the new advancements in the PC space. Thanks
to Intel's new frugal and fanless processors, to its Ultrabook design
concept, and to Microsoft's touch-oriented Windows editions, we now have
full-blown computers that are not much thicker and heavier, and with no
less battery life than a larger tablet with a keyboard case, but are
much more powerful and capable. Furthermore, tablet developments,
besides getting thinner, faster and with more resolute displays, are few
and far between, so the replacement cycle is much slower than with

That is why we were curious if you
have succumbed to the tablet craze, and wanted to ask you whether you
own a tablet, if you consider getting one, or if you see no need for a
slate in your life whatsoever. Check your answer in the poll below, and
tell us what you think about slates in general in the comments.
Do you own a tablet?

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