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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Deezer joins the small list of music streaming apps that support Chromecast

Google's Chromecast
dongle is, first and foremost, a cheap piece of hardware for flinging
video from various devices to the biggest screen in your home. It makes
sense, then, that you should also be able to stream music to your TV
just as easily -- not everyone has a dedicated audio setup or convenient
ways to connect to one wirelessly, after all. There's plenty of music
on YouTube, of course, but Rdio, Pandora and Google's own Play Music are the only high-profile music services to include Chromecast support so far. Streaming outfit Deezer (which still doesn't operate in the US) is set to join those ranks tomorrow when it updates its Android and iOS apps.
Multiple users will even be able to connect to the same dongle and
fight over who has the worst taste. There is one catch to streaming
through Chromecast, however: you'll need a paid Premium+ account to do
so, although you need one of those to use Deezer's mobile apps, anyway.
No free option is a bit of a downer, but at least Deezer's made
something of an effort, which is more than can be said for that other popular music streaming service.

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