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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The 16MP camera of LG G4 has been developed in-house


The 16MP main camera module of the upcoming LG G4
has been designed in-house. The Korean giant’s components manufacturing
arm, LG Innotek developed the high-end sensor, which is already in mass

LG’s innovative camera unit has a wide f/1.8 aperture. The latter
allows the camera to receive 80% more light than the already stellar
13MP snapper found in LG G3.

The 16MP main camera of LG G4 has been paired with an 8MP
front-facing unit, whose resolution is the highest offered by LG for a
selfie camera to date. The new front-facing camera features ultra-thin
IR filter, which keeps infrared light from entering the camera lens.

LG G4 will debut later this month, on April 28. The Korean manufacturer already confirmed that the smartphone will feature a new-generation 5.5” QHD display.

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