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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Samsung files for a patent on a new Galaxy Note S Pen feature

Samsung has filled for a patent in its homeland Korea. The new
feature, which the company is working on, will be intended for the
Galaxy Note series.

The new patent filling reveals that the South Korean manufacturer is
working on a method to recognize the pen input with special ultrasonic
sensors, rather than with a digitizer. According to the patent doc, 3
sensors can record two dimensional data, while the usage of 4 sensors
would enable 3 dimensional data to be recorded.

Of course, this is not exactly a new feature, as we have already seen this option in the MDP tablet
designed by Qualcomm. The usage of ultrasonic sensors will eventually
eliminate the digitizer, which could result in the phone being slimmer
by as much as a millimetre. Also, the incorporation of the new
technology could help the OEM reduce the manufacturing costs.

It has to be seen if the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would make the cut and feature the new ultrasonic pen input technology.

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