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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Samsung has closed its flagship London store

Just like that, Samsung has decided to close its flagship 'Experience
Store' in London. Only ten of these glossy retail outlets exist across
the UK, and the one in Westfield Stratford shopping center was Samsung's
crown jewel, playing host to numerous early bird product launches such
as the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S III.
The store's disassembly began last night, while a notice informed
customers of its immediate closure. Samsung says it will do its upmost,
"where possible," to find employees at Westfield new jobs, and
emphasized that it's "fully committed" to its remaining stores
across the UK. It's a stark statement -- for so many years, there's
been no expense spared for Samsung, with huge marketing campaigns,
countless pop-up stores and even an airport takeover. But the company's profits are in decline as it faces fresh competition from younger smartphone makers such as Xiaomi. Samsung has already abandoned its laptop business in Europe, and with handset sales on the downward slide, it's no surprise the firm is scaling back its retail ambitions.

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